Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

4 Reasons Why Employee Engagement & Satisfaction is Beneficial For Your Company

Engaged employees are committed to the organization, feel passionate about their jobs, and put effort into their work.  After looking at multiple surveys conducted, typically only about a 1/3 of employees are engaged at work.  Converting those who are not engaged is one of the most effective tactics to increase performance and sustainable long-term growth for any company.

Three Types of Employees

  1. Engaged – They have a passion for work and feel a deep connection to their company. They move innovation and the organization forward.  These employees voluntarily go the extra mile.
  2. Not-Engaged – They are “checked out,” putting in the time, but no passion or energy, into their work. They are indifferent and neither like or dislike their work.
  3. Actively Disengaged – They are unhappy at work and can undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish.

Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction

Employee engagement refers to the level of commitment, passion, and loyalty a worker has toward their work and company.  Whereas, employee satisfaction only shows how happy or content your employees are.  Employee satisfaction doesn’t indicate how invested the employees are or how hard they are working. For example, some employees are satisfied by just doing the bare minimum and receiving a paycheck.

Aspects Improved When Your Workforce is Engaged

  1. Company Culture/Work Environment – Providing a company mission that lines up with how people currently work and how they want to work will help contribute to engagement. It is important that the work environment is designed to achieve the organization’s core values.
  2. Recruit/Retain – Keeping top talent has become more difficult. An organization with a successful engagement strategy and engaged employees are more likely to retain that top talent as well as recruiting new talent.
  3. Boost Productivity and Quality of Work – Engaged employees are more innovative, collaborative, and enthusiastic in relation to their work, which lets them complete their goals more effectively. Organizations with higher levels of engaged employees outperform their competition.
  4. Better Customer Satisfaction – Passion is contagious, and customers will have a better experience when interacting with engaged employees.

Give Your Employees the Best Chance for Success

It all starts with receiving the proper training.  One thing that leads to disengagement is when they feel confused, frustrated, and pressure to catch up.  If your employees learn how to effectively do their job within the first 6 months, they will be more likely to stay.  This is also the time when new employees can bond with coworkers and connect with the company.

Something else that can help is to include them in accomplishing business goals and giving employees something to work towards.  Feeling their work is contributing to the success of their department and company allows for a more fulfilling and motivating work day.  Most want to do work that is meaningful and to make the most of their talents and strengths.  Employees who feel engaged work harder, stay longer, and motivate their coworkers to do the same.  Tapping into the individual will create a domino effect for the rest of your organization.