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The Top 10 Things Every Facility Manager Hates to Hear

Being a facilities manager is a little like being a kindergarten teacher. In my previous life as an educator, I was occasionally in kindergarten classrooms. It always felt like I was trying to keep 20 rubber ducks under water at the same time.  As soon as one crisis was diverted another popped up. Attention spans […]

Honey, They Shrunk My Office

When I wrote “The top 10 things every facility manager hates to hear…” the one item on the list that I know every facility manager has heard is: “We need to decrease our square foot per person.” In 2010, a typical office user had an average 225 square feet of workspace.  But by 2017, the average […]

4 Reasons Why Employee Engagement & Satisfaction is Beneficial For Your Company

Engaged employees are committed to the organization, feel passionate about their jobs, and put effort into their work.  After looking at multiple surveys conducted, typically only about a 1/3 of employees are engaged at work.  Converting those who are not engaged is one of the most effective tactics to increase performance and sustainable long-term growth […]

Are Headphones Effecting Your Company Collaboration?

If employees need to wear headphones to avoid distractions, has collaboration really been improved?   A recent study found that over half of employees regularly use headphones in the office in order to concentrate.  Some are even coming into the office earlier just to have a few hours of focused work before the office fills up. […]